Business Planning for a Successful Startup

Business Planning for a Successful StartupA well-written business plan will give your start-up the best chance of receiving the financing it needs.  Here are our top 10 reasons why you should hire Consulting Canada to help write your business plan:

1. Your plan will reflect the wisdom of our years of real-world business experience.

We have real-world business experience. Other business plan writers may not be familiar with the nuances of business and misunderstand the opportunities and obstacles your growing business. From our decades of experience, we understand the challenges of starting and growing a business. We know investors and lenders - and what they will need to see in your business plan.

2. We will examine your business idea closely to make sure it is feasible and we will help improve your idea, if necessary.

In our first, no-cost, no-obligation meeting, we will challenge your assumptions about your business idea. We never agree to write a business plan unless we think your business has a reasonable chance of success. If changes are required, we will rethink your idea, and come up with a better, more viable one – before we start writing.

3. We do not work from a questionnaire, but take an in-depth look at your business idea before writing your plan.

Unlike other business plan writers, we don't use information collected from a standard questionnaire that you have to fill out to write your business plan. We believe in personal interviews and in-depth consulting to make sure we get a detailed picture of your new venture. In our experience, personal interviews are the only reliable way to obtain the information and insights necessary to write the best business plan for you.

4. Your plan will be custom-prepared, not written to fill a template.

Our experience indicates that a template tends to make your plan indistinguishable from every other plan the bank or other investors have seen recently. That's why we sit down and consult with you in detail, so we can craft a customized business plan uniquely for you.

5. We set no arbitrary limits on the number of revisions.

Most business plan writers emphasize speed and limit you to two revisions – after that, they start charging extra. We don't.  We do our best to create a business plan for your start-up that's right from the very first draft. But we know that the strongest business plans come from a process of writing, review, and re-writing – which can mean several revisions. That's why we set no arbitrary limit on the number of included revisions.

6. Your plan will be tailored to the financing sources you want to reach.

Industries and funding sources have different business plan requirements. The most effective business plans considers the type of start-up business you have, and the targeted for point of view of your lenders or investors.

7. Every business plan we create is scrutinized and approved by our professional accountant.

For investors, financial statements and revenue projections are the most important section of any start-up's business plan. That's why we scrutinize every business plan we write from an accountant's point of view. Accountants can spot when financial assumptions and projections are reasonable and attainable – so you have a useful as a working document for your start-up.

8. Consulting Canada connects you to the Canadian business community.

We have decades of business experience. Our wide network of contacts includes business leaders and owners. We would love to recommend your company, or arrange introductions that can help speed your venture on its way.

9. You will receive a free, customized financial model with your business plan.

To figure out the effects of a variety of internal and external factors, we use a financial model with the right variables to make sure every business plan is accompanied by a strong financial model.

10. The Better Business Bureau gives us its highest rating of A+.

That means our work is conducted to the highest business standards of honesty, reliability and integrity. In fact, our parent company has been in business since November 1981 and our President, Barry Sharp, is the former Chair of the Better Business Bureau.